The new Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango is a major component of the new Grandview Planned Development. The Medical Center campus is 60 acres adjacent to the planned village center which is being developed around traditional neighborhood design and is a corner stone of the community.

The Regional Medical Center is a three level, 83 bed, state-of-the-art hospital of approximately 208,000 square feet with an attached medical office building of approximately 150,000 square feet. The project includes a separate facility for childcare of 5,750 square feet and an acute care treatment center of approximately 10,800 square feet. Ultimately the site has the capacity to build the hospital and ancillary facilities out to 320,200 square feet and the medical office building out to 375,300 square feet.

As project executive for Mercy Regional Medical Center I was responsible for not only tracking expenses generated by consultants and construction managers but owner reported projects expenses. All expenses were categorized and allocated to budgets; as the projects progressed the budgets were continuously evaluated and budget adjustments made to provide the project with the greatest value for the available funds.

In developing Mercy Regional Medical Center there were a number of very diverse groups that had an interest in the project including: the hospital, the healthcare system, the City of Durango, LaPlata County, the Corps of Engineers, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, the Colorado Department of Transportation, and local utilities. The concerns of each of these entities had to me met in a timely fashion in order for the project to proceed. Ultimately the project was approved and Durango has a new hospital that is a jewel in the eyes of the community.